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Alice in Wonderland

Alice loved having adventures and any little girl that dreams about fairy tales and tea parties with rabbits will have lots of fun playing with these magical sunglasses. Every pair of Resolar sunglass...

Blue Polar Bear

This deligthful, eco-friendly polar bear fabric covering and matching case will put a smile on any little one's face.


The fastest animal on earth, the cheetah is as graceful and agile as it is beautiful. For a taste of a gorgeously feline style, these exclusively designed sunglasses will provide you with stunningly s...

Dogs and dogs

Everybody loved animals, especially the kids.  They will love the doggies on this fabric covering and matching eco-friendly case.

Flying Unicorn

The girls will love this flying unicorn in turquoise. This delightful, eco-friendly case and matching fabric will protect their sunglasses for them wherever they go.

Gentlemen's Tonic

For an elegant, yet strong and assertive take on style, the bold Gentlemen's Tonic is the perfect accessory for the man who knows what he wants. Live your life in the sun on your terms with UV400 prot...


Of all the animals living on the Savanna plains, what animal is more outlandish unique than the beautiful giraffe. With their big, soft eyes and eccentric design, one cannot but admire their graceful ...

Gym Junkie

For the exceptional, for the bold, and for those that like to stand out from the crowd, feel comfortable yet perfectly in balance with who you are. The black and organge frames are extravagantly disti...

Hola Madrid

Where the famous, the beautiful, and the boldly glamorous love to live a life of luxury and indulgence. For a touch of extravagance, these elegant sunglasses will let you stand out from the crowd with...

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