We expanding our reach to international markets, and Resolar is inviting wholesalers, B2B sales and stockists who would like to become part of the Resolar team, to contact us.


  • Wholesale specific pricing and order reviews.
  • Confirmation of available stock and maximum quantities before order confirmation.
  • Personalised service to confirm order, purchase, invoice, shipping, track and delivery process.
  • Straight forward re-ordering option for reliability and consistency.
  • Shipping within 14 business days of placing your order.
  • Guarantee of Fair-Trade practices.
  • Marketing catalogues and product photos are available.
  • Low MOQ and applicable discounts.
  • Our social media accounts will be available for store promotions.
  • Partnered with a non-profit charity to clean up the oceans of plastic, we donate 1% of sales to this cause.

This way you can make informed decisions regarding your wholesale activities, enabling scheduled ordering and integrated back-end systems.

Let us help you drive your business forward while you join us in our recycling quest.

Please email us at resolarsunglasses@gmail.com for any questions or to discuss opening an account.  Or Ping us on WhatsApp at +852 62732581.


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