Kaelan Shieff is a Hong Kong based British music producer. His English-Scottish family relocated to Spain when he was a little boy, followed by a move to Hong Kong after seven years. The vast contrast in cultural backgrounds Kaelan experienced growing up is often reflected in the music he creates. His music alias ‘Vasst’ could have given us some clue.

Kaelan pays tributes to the giant beaches in Spain, the atmospheric restaurants in Hong Kong and the Heather covered hills in Scotland. Through music he believes he can immortalize the energy and at times chaos at the moment he felt when residing in each city, in a poetic way that only sounds and beats can capture and deliver.

“I was mesmerised by how music transports us to other places, while transforms us by triggering powerful emotions within us.” Kaelan experienced such sensation and was inspired to become a music producer one year when he listened to music while training for marathon. Since then, he has been experimenting sounds with different music softwares.

“I want to create music that touches people’s lives.” At times, Kaelan’s music expands the space in our heads, the effect is pleasantly meditative. That “out of the world” experience is what Kaelan aims at, such that our energy can be recharged to get us through both good and tough times.

Kaelan is a young, talented and brilliant musician. Within three years of composing music he has already collaborated with a number of artists from around the world. They jam their styles and techniques, the resulting masterpieces transport their listeners to space that offers unique experience and sound entertainment. His latest works are the four soundtracks (Resolar, Go Wild, Globe Trotter, Gentlemen’s Club) he produced for Resolar.


Go Wild

Globe Trotter

Gentlemen’s Club

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